Discover gems through people you trust.

Go beyond top 10's and fancy algorithms to find the hidden gems.



Finding and sharing music
feels like fun.

Know that feeling when you discover a great track? 
Now, it's 90% human.

Own your gems collection.

Once you discover a gem you will remain the one and only
collector of that gem. No one will be able to share the same gem ever again.

Quality control

A track shared will be visible for only 48 hours.
If it gets no likes, it will dissapear from
your collection.

Make friends, for real.

Know a similar track?
Share something back and connect with the person who shared that track. 

Play it cool, earn some $$$

Earn points for sharing and connecting with people. Transform them into
real money.

It's super fun.

It's like a tennis match, except everyone is winning. You give and take.
Just like that.

Few highlights we are proud of

We want to make finding and sharing music fun again.



Organic subscribers willing to try this.
Just word of mouth. No ads.


rare music

50% of the music shared so far is not
available on Spotify.


hours of music

More than 80 hours of music provided by
the community so far, and growing.

Join waitlist

Until we officialy launch please share a gem you love and someone from the community will share back something similar.